SUMADI Case Study | AWS Databases

Partnering with Amazon Web Services has enabled SUMADI™ to provide our clients with cost-effective, scalable proctoring solutions with real-time reporting capability.

Today, we use Amazon Rekognition models for face and object detection, AWS Lambda functions to process messages, Amazon DynamoDB for storing image metadata, and Amazon API Gateway to assist our chat application.

Since migrating to AWS in 2020, we’ve been able to cost-effectively scale our proctoring services to support 50,000 concurrent users, each generating one record every 30 seconds – an increase of 25 times compared to before.

In this case study, our Director of Product Development, Francisco Perez and Enterprise Architect, Julio Elgueta discuss how our partnership with AWS helps our clients deliver education remotely, flexibly, and on demand.

Visit here to read our complete case study:  Sumadi Case Study | AWS Databases (

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