and Review

Driving innovation and progress

SUMADI™ Record and Review is a new service that includes the review of online proctoring assessments through experienced human proctors that certifies academic integrity in exams.

Transforming the
way you work

SUMADI™ Record and Review removes the need to spend hours reviewing a proctored exam. Instead, it allows for effective time management, Freeing up time and resources for decision-makers to focus on the most critical issues.

Unlocking new possibilites

SUMADI™ Record and Review sends an email report with a comment summary helping to save time by providing important information in a concise and easily accesible format. Instead of searching for information, academics can simply open the email and quickly review the report.

Elevevating your productivity

SUMADI™ Record and Review optimize your team's time and resources by assisting them with the assessment reviews and providing the wit a comment summary report of all exams.