MonitorEdu and SUMADI Collaborate to Launch Enhanced Live Proctoring Solution

SUMADI and MonitorEDU, both leading providers of proctoring solutions, are excited to announce their strategic partnership, resulting in the development of a groundbreaking Live Proctoring solution. This collaboration combines the expertise of both organizations to deliver a cutting-edge product that integrates SUMADI’s AI technology with MonitorEDU’s highly trained professionals, revolutionizing the field of online proctoring.

Live Proctoring with AI, the flagship product resulting from the SUMADI and MonitorEDU partnership, harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence and the meticulous oversight of trained professionals. This innovative solution is designed to address the evolving challenges of remote examinations, ensuring academic integrity and enabling organizations to conduct secure and trustworthy online assessments.

By integrating SUMADI’s AI technology, the Live Proctoring solution provides real-time monitoring and analysis of exam sessions. The advanced AI algorithms can detect potential cheating behaviors, such as unauthorized assistance or plagiarism, ensuring the integrity of the examination process. Additionally, MonitorEDU’s highly trained professionals complement the AI technology by conducting live monitoring of the exam sessions, further enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the proctoring process.

“We are thrilled to partner with MonitorEDU in developing this cutting-edge Live Proctoring solution,” said Raul Rivera, CEO of SUMADI. “By combining our AI expertise with MonitorEDU’s team of skilled professionals, we have created a powerful tool that revolutionizes online examinations, providing organizations with the confidence that their assessments are secure, fair, and authentic.”

The Live Proctoring solution offers numerous benefits to educational institutions, certification organizations, and other entities conducting remote assessments. It allows for flexible scheduling of exams, convenient remote access for candidates, and real-time monitoring to ensure compliance with academic regulations and maintain the integrity of the evaluation process.

We believe this unique breakthrough will improve the way online exams are administered, giving a dependable and safe alternative to traditional in-person evaluations. We are excited to be at the forefront of this fascinating development and look forward to providing cutting-edge solutions in the field of online testing and evaluation in the future.

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