Leading The New Way In Proctoring

With a wide range of proctoring solutions available today, you may have wondered why choose one over the other? Here are five reasons why you should consider SUMADI:

  1. Points of difference – the latest AI-powered facial and typing pattern recognition, authentication, and browser tracking solutions, SUMADI offers the only automated proctoring solutions that can be delivered:
    • at scale
    • simultaneously
    • cost-effectively
    • with real-time client reporting (capable of processing millions of images per hour)
    • in seven languages
  2. Proven secure, large-scale – able to deploy exams in multiple regions (50,000+ exams at once).
  3. Easy to integrate – developed as a cloud-based platform, without legacy systems, allowing greater efficiency of cloud computing, enabling the latest software architecture.
  4. Data security – compliant with the most stringent global standards of data security and privacy.
  5. Customer support with tailored solutions – self-service resources, client training and Live Chat.

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