Proctoring driven by a deep-rooted commitment to ensuring fair, secure, and reliable examinations

We recognize the need of maintaining assessment integrity in an increasingly digital world. We aspire to give educational institutions, the government, and the corporate sector with a robust and trustworthy platform that supports academic honesty, protects against cheating, and promotes a fair playing field for everyone, with an insatiable emphasis on innovation and cutting-edge technology. We care about your success and credibility, which is why we go above and beyond to provide proctoring solutions that actually care about the integrity of your exams.


Our innovative approach combines the power of artificial intelligence with a strong focus on security to provide a comprehensive platform that benefits all.

Convenience and flexibility

Reporting and Analytics

Enhanced security and fraud prevention

Scalable and cost-effective solution

Attain Outstanding Achievement with Cutting-Edge Proctoring Features.

Our most valuable asset is adaptability. The technology allows you to tailor proctoring settings depending on your specific needs, giving you flexibility while maintaining high test integrity standards and keeping your data secure from start to finish.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

impersonation with a
robust system of
ongoing biometric

Fortify user
authentication by
employing rigorous
identity validation

Verifies the user’s
identity with precision
and reliability, by
capturing photos during
the exam and cross-
referencing them with
registered images.

Promote integrity
and discourage
misconduct through
vigilance enabled
by a secondary

Ensuring a secure
and controlled
testing environment.

Upon becoming an AWS partner, our vision for Sumadi is to establish a prominent position in the proctoring product market. We are confident that this strategic partnership will lead to market growth and success. Being an AWS partner offers numerous advantages, including enhanced credibility, valuable business support, technical expertise, and extensive marketing opportunities. These benefits will empower us to surpass competitors and secure a significant market share, while providing a strong foundation for our business.

Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition offers pre-trained and customizable computer vision (CV) capabilities to extract information and insights from your images and videos.

At Sumadi we use Rekognition’s Face compare and search and Face detection and analysis to verify the exam takers identity by determining the similarity of a face recognized in an image taken during the exams against another picture from our private image repository for each specific user.

We also use the power of Rekognition’s Labels to detect from a list of unauthorized objects the users might be using during the exam such as headsets, books, cellphones, etc.

Some of our clients also use Rekognition’s Detect Text in our Id Scan feature to compare the register name and face of the exam takers against an official identification before they can start the exam.

Amazon Lambda

Sumadi is a Cloud-native software and as such, our services are designed as multiple small, interdependent services called microservices.

AWS Lambda is a serverless, event-driven compute service which allows us to support multiple concurrent users without having to worry of server provisioning and also effectively monitor our applications resilience and resource allocation of other AWS services used in each microservice.

Amazon DynamoDB

At Sumadi we use DynamoDB to harness its power to high-perform and scale-up at any rate saving information in a key-value format.

DynamoDB also allows use to have secure and continuous backups to ensure no information is not lost.

Amazon S3

At Sumadi the security of our client’s data is one of our top priorities. Taking this into consideration we use Amazon S3 to securely save all the information recorded from our users during the invigilation process.

Amazon S3 allows us to save millions of records and ensure all our objects are encrypted and completely private.