Next-Generation Proctoring: SUMADI’s AI-Based Solution Takes Online Exams to the Next Level on AWS Marketplace

SUMADI, a leading proctoring company that utilizes artificial intelligence, is now available on the AWS Marketplace. Founded in 2019, SUMADI’s goal has always been to provide its proctoring solution to the world. We are proud to have achieved this milestone by partnering with Amazon, which is a significant achievement for our product and commercial teams, who have worked tirelessly to bring our cutting-edge solution to the market.

SUMADI’s AI-based proctoring solution is a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly option for online education and assessment. It has been designed to ensure authenticity and integrity during online examinations. The solution uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect any signs of suspicious behavior, including plagiarism, impersonation, and unauthorized material usage.

We are excited to offer SUMADI’s solution on the AWS Marketplace, as it allows educators and administrators to seamlessly integrate our proctoring solution into their assessment workflows. This integration represents a significant step forward for the online education industry, and we are honored to contribute to this advancement. 

SUMADI’s AI-based proctoring solution is GDPR certified, having undergone rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At SUMADI, we take data privacy and protection seriously, and our GDPR certification demonstrates our commitment to providing a secure and compliant proctoring solution for online education and assessment. 

Educators and administrators can have peace of mind knowing that their data is secure and protected with SUMADI’s GDPR-certified AI-based proctoring solution. Our solution uses cutting-edge technology to detect suspicious behavior during online exams, while also maintaining the privacy and security of user data. 

The collaboration between AWS and SUMADI enables educators to access innovative AI-based proctoring solution. Learn more in the AWS Marketplace.

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