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SUMADI stands as the front-runner in AI proctoring, employing advanced systems to deliver organizations cutting-edge, secure, and automated proctoring solutions. Our expertise spans AI-powered facial and typing pattern recognition, authentication, and browser tracking, ensuring the utmost integrity in online assessments. What sets SUMADI apart is our commitment to flexibility and modularity, ensuring that institutions have access to a diverse range of solutions in one convenient platform, free from the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach.

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CERTILINGO, Cambridge Center

“Since mid-2020, with the global health crisis, Certilingo searched for an alternative to face-to-face exams so that candidates could continue to carry out the Linguaskill certification. With the support of Cambridge Assessment English, we started working with SUMADI since the proposed solution met our expectations, not only for its ease of use, but also for being a reliable application, not too intrusive and that complies with French regulations in terms of GDPR. Since then, our collaboration has strengthened, allowing Certilingo to expand the volume of exams carried out with the “Anywhere” format throughout the French territory. All our clients are very satisfied with this distance exam formula.”

Carmen León, June 2023

servicio de seguridad informática de sumadi


Our most recent offering is our assessment platform, which provides exam creators with an intuitive, easy-to-use, time-saving solution while ensuring full integration with our proctoring platform.


SUMADI protects the test-taking process from start to finish, beginning with authentication and verification of the test-taker identity and continuing with real-time analysis and reporting. Our proctoring solution adapts to both traditional and non-traditional assessment models, where adaptive testing is used.    

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