As students return to their classrooms for face-to-face learning, are there still benefits for institutions in the online proctoring of assessments? Here we discuss the advantages, which demonstrate why many believe the momentum of online assessments is set to continue.


Academic integrity

Academic integrity means acting with the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility in learning, teaching and research. Proctoring of online exams, utilizing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, has been proven to reduce cheating and make assessments more accurate.


A comprehensive, well-designed proctored online exam offers students and faculty the assurance that all test-takers are participating on ‘a level playing field’. Online proctoring equalizes the testing environment to make sure exams are fair for all. Exam design and techniques (such as SUMADI’s browser lockdown and reporting to evaluators in real time) deter prohibited behaviors and significantly reduce the potential for cheating.


Instructors and test-takers don’t need to travel to online exams. As with online learning, this type of convenience enables an institution to reach even more students and potential students (i.e. those who live in rural and remote areas).


Rather than committing test-takers to a precise in-person exam schedule, the benefit of online exams is that institutions can offer flexibility – so that test-takers can undertake an exam at a time convenient to them.

Institutional reputation

With quality online proctoring solutions like SUMADI™, students and faculty know that it is extremely difficult to cheat. This means the results on an online exam and qualification have more value. Online proctoring strengthens the validity of academic programs and the institution that is offering them, which not only enhances the institution’s reputation, but is also important for the accreditation process.


Manual test processes and in-person exams taken in physical test centers can add significantly to an institution’s expenses. Quality online proctoring utilizing artificial intelligence can be delivered cost effectively and offers more measurable consistency.  At SUMADI™, we offer a range of cost-effective and tailored solutions to meet all budget requirements.

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