Five Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Online Exams

As many students prepare for a busy exam period ahead of the spring break, this list of five tips will help minimize their stress and ensure they’re prepared.

  1. Know the exam guidelines

Prior to undertaking an exam, test-takers should review and understand the exam rules, so they know what is and isn’t allowed. It’s important to be aware that talking to others, using headphones, switching between browsers on a computer, and using a phone is not permitted.

It’s also worth noting that guidelines can differ from one type of exam to the next, so always check the guidelines for the specific exam being taken.

  1. Check the computer

Checking the computer is set and ready well in advance of an online exam is key. Test-takers should check what systems are necessary and whether their computer is compatible. Is particular hardware required? Does the software need to be downloaded ahead of time? SUMADI™ has an easy-to-refer-to list of requirements so test-takers can ensure their computer and systems are appropriate. In addition, make sure the computer is close to a power outlet, so there is no chance of the battery running low.

  1. Have a good internet connection

Ensuring the test-taker is located in an area with good internet access will avoid last-minute issues (and the possible need to move location). Hard-wiring a computer to the internet is also worth considering, as it will provide a better connection during an exam.

  1. Choose the best place for the exam

To minimize distractions, test-takers should choose an area that is quiet and removed from the potential noise of others. They should also turn off (or set to silent) all notifications, like instant messaging and emails. It’s worthwhile letting others (family members, housemates) know where and when the test is being taken, to avoid interruptions.

In addition to the location, test-takers can be best prepared by having all the materials they need (such as notes, books, or writing implements) ready in advance.

  1. Know how to get support during the exam

Make note of what to do and how to get support should issues arise during an online exam. For test-takers undertaking an assessment using the SUMADI™ solution, support can be reached from their institution’s help desk.

Remain assured your local help desk will promptly solve the inconvenience or request additional support to our SUMADI Global Customer Care Team if need be.

Stress can be alleviated, and productivity can be improved by following these five simple tips ahead of an online exam. 

We encourage you to share these tips with test-takers to help empower them to succeed.

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