Sumadi is a startup with a diverse team that seeks to have an international impact by consolidating a platform that requires professionals like you.


We are a team that is committed to delivering the most advanced automated proctoring solutions that protect the integrity of your online assessments.


Our driven team of innovators, visionaries and strategists with decades of experience in IT and education are passionate about leveraging technology to deliver a superior user experience and placing the customer at the centre of everything we do.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy describes the practices on how we build trust and confidence by collecting only the necessary data and have clear data retention policies. Regularly we conduct a data protection impact assessment.


SUMADI's organizational structure and business culture are centered on providing the best possible customer experience. We strive to understand better our customers and learn from them at every opportunity in order to assist them in optimizing their operations by developing useful products and services, establishing long-lasting, incredibly human connections, and valuing needs.