The global online education market is set for significant growth and projected to reach over US$300 billion by 2025. Some of the reasons for this growth forecast include: the increasing use of the internet in many regions around the world; the growing adoption of cloud-based solutions; the increased need for access to educational content (fuelling the adoption of technology); advancements in AI and rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT), which will continue to enhance the user experience in online education platforms.

The growth in online education continues to drive the demand for online assessments – now and into the future. While we have a strong focus on the solutions we provide today, at Sumadi, we’re also planning for the future. Here are just some of our insights into what the future of online assessments looks like.

Growth in online proctoring

Significant growth in online assessments is expected, globally, as a result of the growth in online education. With this, mature markets are expected to continue to grow in their adoption of online proctoring solutions. The US market alone is anticipated to grow from a market size of US$251 million in 2022 to US$334 million by 2025. Our commissioned research shows the growth should come particularly from AI-based/Automated solutions of established businesses (especially over Browser lockdown only solutions).

Tailored solutions

As technology develops and there are more offerings, institutions and organizations will want to ‘cherry pick’ the features most relevant to them. Our research suggests customers will prefer not to pay more for additional features and services. They will choose to reduce the features they currently have and select the ones most relevant to them.

Given this, at Sumadi, we are placing our focus on:

  • LMS integrations
  • mobile-friendly options
  • 24/7 customer support
  • consolidated reports
  • in-exam support
  • continual new updates and features

Greater options

The development of technology and accessibility of electronic devices will provide the option for people to participate in online exams in more ways – on their laptops, their phones, and other devices.

Growing importance of AI

We believe online assessments will evolve in line with the development of technology and we expect artificial intelligence will be key because it is:

  • more accessible
  • cost attractive
  • faster
  • becoming more trusted by clients and accepted by the general public

Our research shows that in the US, market size growth is strongest in AI/Automated Proctoring, with a CAGR forecasted to be 32% between 2022–2025. In addition, Automated/AI-based usage is expected to grow 75% in market share in the US over the next three years.

Growing trust in AI

The University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute survey of 2019 asked 2,000 Americans to rate their confidence in the sectors that develop AI. Half said they trusted the higher education sector (in addition to the military) above all others, to build, manage and govern AI. We believe, as test-takers and evaluators experience AI and come to understand it more, acceptance of it and trust in it will grow.

Ongoing technology adoption support and digital training

Organizations and institutions will need to invest in training and capacity-building of their staff, faculty and test-takers in order to stay up-to-date with the latest edtech developments. We know edtech companies have a key role to play in this – in ensuring we assist in the successful adoption of the technology and solutions we provide.

Need for creativity and innovation

The World Economic Forum ranks creativity as the third most important skill in the workplace (up from 10th in 2015). At Sumadi, creativity and innovation adds significant value in all aspects of our work – from new ideas and actions to achieve successful outcomes, to problem-solving solutions and product innovations, to our workplace culture. Our creativity drives innovation – and we know innovation is needed in order to develop solutions that offer the best user experience – now and in the future.


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