SUMADI™  will provide Technical Support as agreed among contract with the Customer.

We provide 24/7 levels 2 and 3 support in English and Spanish through email, live chat and available to assist through video conference as needed as detailed below:

Service Availability 99.9%
Support Schedule on Level 2 24/7 Support in English and Spanish languages
*Support Schedule on Level 3 Monday – Friday through Business Hours 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CEST
Support channels
*Incident report delivery (when required) 3-5 business days
Average First Reply Time delivered from SUMADI L2 Support 20 minutes

*Escalations from Level 2 to Level 3 outside of office hours will be collected, however no action can be guaranteed until the next working day.


Priority Priority Definition Target Resolution Time
Urgent/Critical A critical failure in the operational activity or complete interruption that causes services to be severely impacted or shut down, where no workaround is immediately available. 4 – 6 hours
High The common symptom is severe degradation, errors include high-impact issues in which the Services are inoperative, and a short-term workaround is available. 4 – 12 hours
Normal Reduced or degraded access to a user or service. There is no disruption, and a workaround is available and can be applied or used with little or no operational impact. 8 – 120 hours
Low Minimal problems in the services affecting only one user and no workaround is required. The problem can be addressed with no operational impact. 24 – 120 hours

Ticket or Case Type Definitions:

Incident: used to indicate that the requester is experiencing a single occurrence of a larger problem that is affecting multiple users. An incident is a non-planned interruption of the normal expected functionality of the product that causes a reduction of the service quality. Priority of critical or urgent might be used in this case.


Problem: used to indicate an issue with your product or service that is affecting multiple users and needs to be resolved. Priority of critical or urgent might be used in this case.


Question: used to indicate that the requester’s issue is a question rather than a problem that needs to be solved or a specific task that an agent needs to complete. Priority of normal or low might be used in this case.


Task: used when an agent is required to complete a specific assignment that involves an additional process that goes beyond answering just a question to fulfill or solve the requester’s needs. Priority of any type might be used in this case.