Quick and Easy unwanted behavior detection System

We analyze data in real-time and flag any suspicious behavior right away. Making it easier for evaluators to quickly identify an exam that requires review.

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Quick And Easy Unwanted Behavior Detection Solution

Sumadi was created as a cloud-based platform from the outset, devoid of legacy systems, enabling increased cloud computing effectiveness and the most modern software architecture.

We provide real-time data analysis and immediately indicate any questionable activity, making it simpler for evaluators to recognize a test that needs to be reviewed.

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How Sumadi Works On Your Unwanted Behavior DetectionSolution

It is simpler for evaluators to rapidly identify an exam that needs to be reviewed because we evaluate data in real-time and immediately highlight any suspect conduct.
Here’s how we work:

Real-time analytics and dashboards

Our intuitive analytic dashboards and reports are generated in real-time, allowing evaluators to
detect unwanted and suspicious behavior, which can be reviewed during or after an exam.
This allows evaluators to review their data as soon as possible, which is particularly
important when dealing with high-risk exams. Real-time data analytics allow you to keep tabs on your students throughout the course of their exam so that you can quickly address any
issues that may arise.

Modular and easy to enable

Instructors and evaluators can enable Sumadi proctoring on the assessments they desire, and
select what features to turn on for any particular exam.
Sumadi proctoring is a great way to ensure that your students are working on the right questions, in the right way, at the right time. This gives instructors and evaluators more
flexibility than ever before while keeping students safe and secure.

Review large numbers of users

Sumadi enriches our clients’ proctoring capabilities by processing large amounts of data and delivering it to them for review.
There are many advantages to real time data analytics. Sumadi can process large amounts of data, and this means that we can provide our clients with a comprehensive view of their proctoring capabilities in a timely manner.

Course cloning

Through course cloning support, we help clients prepare for their upcoming academic/activity calendar and use course templates.
This allows you to work more efficiently and avoid any unnecessary stress. This is especially useful when you are managing multiple courses at once, or if there are several
students within one class that need the same type of content.

Don't let unwanted behavior go unnoticed.Sumadi delivers real-time data analytics making it easier to detect unwanted behavior

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Benefits of our quick and easy unwanted behavior detection solution

We’ve developed an easy-to-use solution that gets you accurate scoring and fast outcomes in just seconds!
Our quick and easy unwanted behavior detection solution will help you:

Safer Tests

Our solution allows you to detect unwanted behaviors before they become a problem. So you can avoid the risk of having them impact your test results.

Faster Outcomes

Our solution is easy to use, so you can quickly identify the source of your errors, fix them, and move on with your testing.

Easy-to-use Reporting

Our reports are designed to be easy for anyone on your team to understand, so everyone will know what needs to be done next.

Reduce Unwanted Behavior

Our solution helps you detect and eliminate unwanted behaviors so you can get accurate scores faster and more reliably.

Eliminate Errors

Our system helps eliminate errors in data collection by providing an accurate score.

Get an Accurate Score

Our system delivers an accurate score while reducing human bias and error in order to provide accurate results that drive better decision making processes.

Why Choose Sumadi for a quick and easy unwanted behavior detection system

Sumadi is the perfect solution for businesses that want to quickly and easily identify unwanted behaviors, and here are some of the many reasons why:

Easy access

Sumadi is a cloud-based system, so it doesn't require any installation or maintenance. You can access it from anywhere, on any device—all you need is an internet connection!

Protect Your Data

We build trust and confidence by only collecting the data that is necessary and by having open data retention rules. We routinely carry out impact evaluations on data protection.

Quickly Identify Problems

Sumadi allows you to quickly identify problems in your organization through our easy-to-use interface.

Scalable Analytics

Sumadi was created with scalability in mind—we don't want a solution that's going to break down under pressure when things get busy! We've spent years developing this platform so that it can grow with your needs without any trouble at all.

Frequently Asked Question

The Real-Time reflection of changes made to views could take up to two hours.

You only pay for the streaming units you use; there are no up-front expenses.

The data analysis is customized by the user according to their requirement and it can be done in real time as well.

Yes, data analysis in real time analytics technology is accessible to companies of all sizes. Real time analytics technology is particularly useful for small and medium-sized businesses because it allows them to quickly and easily access the information they need to make decisions about their business.

The system can alert you on false positive alerts. In real time analytics, the data is analyzed in real time, which means that the system will be able to alert you immediately when there are any issues with your data.

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