Almost every student in the world has participated in some form of online learning over the past 12 months. Some institutions were prepared for this, some were not. Regardless, maintaining the academic integrity of learning outcomes has been their absolute priority.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has not changed the direction of learning, it rapidly accelerated changes that have been emerging for some time.

With most forms of examinations happening online, learning institutions need to have confidence in the learning outcomes of their students. Sumadi helps ensure the integrity of learning outcomes by providing leading technology and sophisticated processes to support this.

Integrity is not just an outcome we strive for – it’s who we are and how we work.

There are, understandably, many questions about how technology, incorporating the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is being used and how effective this is. Therefore, it’s important to clarify how Sumadi has been developed and how we work:

    • We are transparent in all we do. For example, we use facial recognition and comparison as part of our platform and inform all users about these features by initially obtaining consent for such use. We also provide a mechanism whereby users can provide feedback to help us improve our technology and processes.
    • AI is a significant technological advancement and we’re just starting to experience many of the ways it can and will enhance our everyday lives. However, AI is not intended to replace human judgement. Combining innovative technology with human judgement has always been, and will remain, central to the Sumadi model.
    • We developed Sumadi for learners and professors everywhere. We understand that every learner has a unique physical profile, and we are committed to incorporating the latest, most accurate facial recognition technology which is proven to work effectively with all population groups.
    • After extensive market research and market testing, we believe the facial recognition software developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Rekognition, is an industry leader based on its accuracy and its ability to scale to tens of thousands of users. In 2020, AWS completed a study with more than 79,000 images of learners from Caucasian, Black, South Asian, East Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern backgrounds resulting in exceptional accuracy, which was significantly higher than other facial recognition software.
    • There are three critical stages in the Sumadi experience – Registration, Authentication, and Validation. From beginning to end, Sumadi works to identify the user and build confidence in the examination outcome. The student is never interrupted during the examination if any anomalies are detected by the technology. Instead, the (human) reviewer will receive an alert immediately at the conclusion of the exam indicating the need for further investigation.

We evaluate and analyze all we do. We are committed to improving Sumadi based on ongoing market research, user feedback, and constant innovation. We expect the same from our partners. Together, we are transforming online student assessment.We’re here to answer your questions. You can reach out to us anytime at

Download the Sumadi Commitment to Quality and Integrity