Sumadi solutions are developed using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Advanced computer vision and webcam monitoring

Using the latest advancements in machine learning, Sumadi, allows the secure monitoring of users by both analyzing and processing images in real-time.

Webcam monitoring

We monitor and process a user’s entire exam session through their device’s webcam.

Facial recognition

Sumadi registers biometric face profiles to compare all faces detected with high accuracy, confidence and security using the most advanced machine learning models for computer vision.

Object detection

With computer vision machine learning capabilities, we can detect objects that are not permitted during a remote online proctored exam (such as smartphones, tablets, screens, and books).

ID scan

Validation of government issued identification documents is part of a Sumadi solution – verifying a user’s name, document type and number, and conducting facial recognition.

Increased security with Sumadi secure browser

Through the Sumadi secure browser (S2B) we can provide a streamlined experience and security of a user’s device and operating system. Sumadi captures key exam context information, such as when a user leaves , and reports it in real-time for evaluators to review.

Sumadi secure browser

Our solutions assist in keeping a user within their exam content and can warn them against leaving by blocking keyboard commands, mouse right clicks, and switching applications.

Screenshot captures

We actively capture a user’s screenshots and mark them with valuable metadata for ease of filtering and decision making.

Active banned applications

Sumadi continuously detects and blocks any applications and services that are not allowed to be used while an exam is being proctored.

Proctoring session chat

Evaluators are able to chat with users during an online remote proctored exam.

Smart audio recording

We can record a user’s environment and audio during an exam – for evidence and review.

Major operating systems support

Sumadi is fully compatible with major operating systems from Microsoft (Windows 8.1+) and Apple (macOS 10.15+).

Multi-factor authentication and verification

We provide alternative identity verification and authentication using advanced, accurate, and secure digital biometrics.

Note: Sumadi supports other forms of multi-factor authentication mechanisms such as voice recognition, etc.

Typing pattern recognition

Multi-factor authentication of a user can be performed with high accuracy using advanced typing biometrics, providing an improved user experience and security.

Quickly and easily detect unwanted behavior

We analyze data in real-time and flag any suspicious behavior right away. Making it easier for evaluators to quickly identify an exam that requires review.

Real-time analytics and dashboards

Our intuitive analytic dashboards and reports are generated in real-time, allowing evaluators to detect unwanted and suspicious behavior, which can be reviewed during or after an exam.

Review large numbers of users

Sumadi enriches our clients’ proctoring capabilities by processing large amounts of data and delivering it to them for review.

Modular and easy to enable

Instructors and evaluators can enable Sumadi proctoring on the assessments they desire, and select what features to turn on for any particular exam.

Course cloning

Through course cloning support, we help clients prepare for their upcoming academic/activity calendar and use course templates.

Born in the cloud and easy to integrate

Sumadi was designed from the beginning to be a cloud-based platform, free of legacy systems, allowing for increased cloud computing efficiency and the most up-to-date software architecture.

SaaS platform

The Sumadi platform was built to partner with the world’s most secure, extensive and reliable cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Secure API and LTI 1.3 integration

Sumadi easily integrates through RESTful API and IMS Global Consortium Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and achieves IMS Proctoring Services specification.

LMS friendly

Sumadi also supports and integrates easily with major Learning Management Systems, such as Blackboard Learn (Class and Ultra), FastTestWeb, Moodle, OpenLMS, Cambridge Metrica.

Data privacy and security

By gathering only the data that is required and having transparent data retention policies, we increase trust and confidence. We also perform data protection impact analyses on a regular basis.


Our solutions are assured through Blackboard PBSC and the Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) Top 10 Proactive Controls. These are monitored closely, regularly, and are kept up-to-date.

Responsible collection of data

Sumadi collects data (personal identifiable information) only as necessary. We secure it in transit, at rest and we don’t share it with any third party.

Data protection impact assessment

We regularly review and make our data protection impact assessments available for review to our partners and clients.