A new product that will allow us to offer online exams for any organization with the need to assess knowledge, our platform will provide an intuitive, easy-to-use, time-saving solution for exam creators. It is fully integrated with our Proctor solution.


Use online quizzes to increase student engagement.


Create simplified and easy proctored or non-proctored exams.


Assess prospects' prior knowledge without the need to invest in an LMS license.

Formative Evaluation

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your students.

English Exams

Use audio questions to test English skills without investing in an LMS license.


Evaluate your candidates through an online exam and make better hiring decisions.


Easily award certificates online.

Employee Evaluations

Evaluate your training.

Exam Creations

Create easy and intuitive tests

Different types of

Supports main questions for a complete evaluation


Consolidated reporting experience with proctor

SUMADI™ Proctor

Exam monitoring to capture suspicious activity

Exam Grading

Automatic scoring for closed questions. Assigned grading per question for open questions

Question Banks

Ability to create question banks categorized and grouped by tags

Import Questions

Being able to import questions to an exam from a CSV or following the QTI standard

Answer the Exam

Exam generation for those evaluated with navigation facilities and availability to take it from mobile devices

Results (Grades)

Receive by mail the final grade of a qualified exam

Branding Personalization

Change of logo and colors of the Platform based on marketing guidelines by the Institution

  • Evaluator – Exam creator
  • Assessed – Student
  • Email notifications

Simplified creation of basic exams for entrance exams or English, evaluations that do not require integration with an LMS.

Mobile experience available for those evaluated and personalized branding by Institution.

Low cost compared to an LMS license.

Question bank import available via CSV files or QTI standard.

Being able to proctor an exam from the same application to build the exam.

Real-time reports of the proctor consolidated with the report of qualifications of those evaluated.

A single platform for question bank management, exam generation and proctoring details.

Recurring updates.