Multi-factor authentication and Verification Solutions

Protect your platform from identity theft and cyberattacks. Multi-factor authentication and verification protect your credentials as they secure and confirm your clients’ identity on your site.

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Modern MFA and Verification Cybersecurity

Multi-factor authentication and verification protects your identity credentials, and any valuable data that frauds and phishers are after.

You’ve probably used MFA and verification before. The most common one is this: you enter your password, and then the site or platform asks for another form of authentication (usually a code) before giving you access.

While the multi-factor authentication and verification process continues to be one of the best cybersecurity practices, scammers and cybercriminals are getting more clever and aggressive as well. If a user’s personal information is already broadcasted or published online, it can still be possible for these cybercriminals to break into the user’s account.

To address this, cybersecurity and multi-factor authentication service providers such as Sumadi offer upgraded solutions to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

How Sumadi works on your multi-factor authentication and verification solutions

Sumadi increases security by providing alternative identity verification and authentication using advanced, accurate, and secure digital biometrics.
By adding other forms of accurate multi-factor authentication mechanisms such as
voice recognition, image processing, ID scanning, facial recognition, and a lot more, users’ identities are secured without any hassle.

Typing pattern recognition

Multi-factor authentication of a user can be performed with high accuracy using advanced typing biometrics, providing an improved user experience and security.

Be ready with Sumadi Multi-factor Authentication and Verification Solution! Let Sumadi protect your account with an additional layer of security through multifactor authentication.

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Modern MFA and verification cybersecurity

The cost to set up multi-factor authentication and verification on your platform can vary and generally depends on your operational and support needs.

To understand what cybersecurity solution fits your business best and how much it would potentially cost, contact us at Sumadi. We’d be happy to discuss your options or give you a full demo of the service.

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Benefits of our Multi-Factor Authentication an Verification Services

Multi-factor authentication and verification offers more protection than a single password. In fact, according to Microsoft, multi-factor authentication and verification prevents 99.9% of attacks on your account.

Here are more of the benefits of getting multi-factor authentication and verification for your business or organization.

Prevent Data Leakage

Not only does multi-factor authentication and verification protect your accounts from unauthorized entry, it also protects your valuable data from leaking or getting out. When cyber criminals can’t enter your platform or account, it will be more difficult for them to access your data inside.

Safe from Cyber Threat

When you add a layer of security to your accounts through multi-factor authentication and verification, you repel hackers and cybercriminals. You also keep them from being a threat to your information and identity.

High accuracy

With our advanced multi-factor authentication and verification solutions, we use the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that promotes high accuracy and guaranteed advanced layers of protection.

Improved user experience and security

Our authentication and verification solutions aim for a seamless user experience. We offer different methods that cater to different user needs.

Be ready with Sumadi Multi-factor Authentication and Verification Solution!

Let Sumadi protect your account with an additional layer of security through multifactor authentication.

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Why choose Sumadi for your multi-factor authentication and verification solutions

As cybercrime continues to affect more individuals and companies, there is a need to double and enhance your security. You want cybersecurity solutions that not only protects, but also improves user experience.

Save on Costs

Data breach and identity theft can be very costly. By protecting your data and prioritizing your security, you save on costs and any future harm brought by cyberattacks.

Faster Security Checks

With our advanced authentication and verification methods, double-checking and cross-security processes become faster and easier, improving user experience.

Protect Valuable Assets

When you’re working with important information, there is no other way to go but to protect it. Our multi-factor authentication and verification solutions in Sumadi add layers of protection to secure valuable assets and keep them from getting into the wrong hands.

Protect your organization's data

There is no way you should stick to a single mechanism to guard your organization’s platform’s point of access. Our advanced multi-factor authentication and authorization methods in Sumadi will help your data as well as your clients’ remain safe from cyberattacks.

Support and Reporting

Sumadi is designed to help instructors and students monitor student performance and provide feedback. The tool offers a variety of features, including the ability to send alerts when a student makes a mistake, track progress over time, and receive reports on a student's performance.

If you are looking for increased security and a safer browsingexperience, Sumadi is your answer!

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, multi-factor authentication can work even when your device is not connected to the internet.

There are three common types of authentication factors:

  • Something you know

This refers to information that you can remember or perform, including passwords, PINs, code words, etc.

  • Something you have

This refers to any object that you possess, including your phone, smart cards, USB drives, etc.

  • Something you are

This refers to any information taken from a part of your body such as your fingerprint, facial recognition, retina scans, and voice recognition.

  • In multi-factor authentication and verification, we usually combine two or three factors for these categories. This makes it more difficult for cyberattacks to happen.

Using multi-factor authentication with a password manager is possible and even recommended. Password managers help secure your passwords by adding additional layers of security that you can access only after additional authentication.

The authentication and verification solution that best suits your business may vary. To understand what your business or organization needs, consult a multi-factor authentication and verification solutions provider like Sumadi to discuss your options.

Generally, verification or your regular 2-step verification process only requires the user two steps to verify their identity. Meanwhile, multi-factor authentication can require users more than two factors to confirm their identity.

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