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How Sumadi works on your Secure Browser

Sumadi helps secure exam content by monitoring student’s online responses and providing feedback to both the students and educators.
The platform is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that ensures the following:

Secure browser

Our solutions assist in keeping a user within their exam content and can warn them against leaving by blocking keyboard commands, mouse right clicks, and switching applications. This prevents them from leaving the exam prematurely, ensuring they have the best possible chance of passing.

Screenshot Captures

We actively capture a user’s screenshots and mark them with valuable metadata for ease of filtering and decision making. For example, if a student has difficulty understanding a question on an exam, their screenshot can be used to provide helpful feedback. Additionally, this type of data can be used to generate reports and improve the efficacy of learning materials.

Active banned applications

Sumadi continuously detects and blocks any applications and services that are not allowed to be used while an exam is being proctored. This prevents any cheating or unauthorized access to the exam material, ensuring the integrity of the exam. Sumadi also provides real-time monitoring of all activity in the exam room, so administrators can remain vigilant for any potential issues.

Proctoring session chat

Evaluators are able to chat with users during an online remote proctored exam, providing feedback and guidance. The ability to chat with students helps ensure that they are fully understanding the material and are able to answer questions correctly.

Smart audio recording

We can record a user’s environment and audio during an exam – for evidence and review. This technology can be used in conjunction with other forms of assessment such as proctoring or peer review. This is an innovative way to improve the quality of online exams and make them more comparable to traditional classroom exams.

Major operating systems support

This software for securing was developed with the aim of making online exams more manageable and easier to complete.
Sumadi is fully compatible with major operating systems from Microsoft (Windows 8.1+) and Apple (macOS 10.15+). This makes it an ideal choice for students who need to use multiple operating systems in their studies.
Sumadi also provides support for various languages, making it easy for students from around the world to take advantage of its features.

Securely proctor exams anywhere. Sumadi Proctoring is an innovative tool with enhanced security measures for online proctoring.

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Benefits of our Secure Browser Solution

Virtual supervision of online exams is becoming an increasingly common practice in today’s educational institutions.
The benefits of using a secure browser solution such as Samadi are numerous and include:

Increase confidence

Secure Browser Solution from Samudi increases confidence in online exams. The product provides virtual supervision of exams and replaces the need for paper exams. The virtual assistant also provides a real-time view of the student’s progress and can immediately alert the teacher to any mistakes.

Superior test browser security

Samudi’s solution is designed to provide an effective and efficient means for exam administrators to monitor the activities and performance of their students taking online exams.
The virtual supervision feature allows administrators to be constantly aware of the status of their student’s exams, making sure that all questions are answered correctly and no cheating is occurring.

Excellent privacy protection

By using Samudi’s technology, educators can ensure that only authorized students have access to the exam materials, and that no one else can see or copy the material.
Since the exam is stored in a secure server, there is no risk of leaks to other students or institutions.


Sumadi’s automated solution is aimed at making the process of administering exams more efficient and error-free.
It is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that help instructors keep track of students’ progress in the exam, identify any potential cheating behavior, and take appropriate measures if needed.
Sumadi also provides customized support for each individualized learning environment and has an extensive knowledge base to help instructors find solutions to
common problems.


Samudi’s solution is designed to provide an effective and efficient means for exam administrators to monitor the activities and performance of their students taking online exams.
The virtual supervision feature allows administrators to be constantly aware of the status of their student’s exams, making sure that all questions are answered correctly and no cheating is occurring.


Sumadi system is future-proofed because it can be used with any type of online exam.
Simulations can also be used to create a virtual environment for exam taking.
The system can be customized to support multiple exams, including standardized tests and assessments. An added benefit of the Sumadi system is that it can be used both in a classroom setting and at home via laptops or tablets.

Increased Security and Secure browser cost

Increased security and secure browser costs are key issues that continue to be debated among exam proctors.

Some exam proctors feel that increased security is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the examination process, while others argue that higher costs for secure browsers will discourage students from taking online exams.While there is no clear answer as to how costly secure browsers should be, it is important to consider the benefits of increased security when making decisions about whether or not to implement them. Contact Sumadi to discuss the options available for online exams.

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Why Choose Sumadi for your Secure browser Solutions

If you’re looking for a secure browser solution that can help you take your online exams with ease, Sumadi is the perfect choice.

Our exam proctoring software is designed to ensure that your data and information are always safe and secure, no matter where you are. Plus, our proctoring service ensures that your exams are handled in a professional and accurate manner.

Invigilation Solution

Online exam is a globally accepted mode of assessment. To ensure the fairness and reliability of online exams, it is essential that they are supervised in an effective manner. Sumadi virtual supervision tool is one such invigilation solution that helps in monitoring the progress of online exams and ensuring their integrity.
It provides real-time feedback to students and teachers, helping them to identify any issues early on and take corrective action.

Safer Browsing

Sumadi helps students and teachers to check the safety of their browsing while taking online examinations.
The user interface is very simple and easy to use. It has an auto-refresh feature that keeps the latest version of the website in view at all times, so that any changes made by the website can be monitored.
The website can also be configured to display a warning if it detects any unsafe or suspicious websites.

Real-Time Monitoring

The Sumadi virtual supervision tool provides real time monitoring to help ensure that students are meeting all requirements and progressing as expected. This tool helps educators keep track of student progress, identifies potential issues early, and provides support in resolving them.


Sumadi can be used in a classroom or an online environment, and it is designed to provide efficient supervision for students taking online exams. Sumadi is easy to use, and it has been proven to be scalable, which means that it can be used in large classes or groups of students.

Support and Reporting

Sumadi is designed to help instructors and students monitor student performance and provide feedback. The tool offers a variety of features, including the ability to send alerts when a student makes a mistake, track progress over time, and receive reports on a student's performance.

If you are looking for increased security and a safer browsingexperience, Sumadi is your answer!

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Frequently Asked Question

The app is designed for use on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Users can access their proctored content from any internet-connected device.

It is now easier than ever for students to take online exams, but there is one big downside: testing without a virtual supervisor can lead to mistakes.
A virtual supervisor is a software tool that monitors student performance during an online exam, and keeps track of their progress so they don’t make any mistakes.
They provide a second set of eyes and help prevent potential errors. Virtual supervision can also help ensure that exams are performed fairly, and that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed.

There is no doubt that online exams have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, this popularity has not come without some challenges.

One of these challenges is ensuring the integrity of our examinations. As we rely more and more on online exams, it becomes increasingly important to have a virtual supervision tool in place to help ensure that our examinations are accurate and fair.

This is where a supervisor monitors a student’s examination from start to finish, checking for any errors or irregularities.

This allows us to ensure that our exams are as accurate as possible, while also minimizing the chances of cheating or unfairness. Virtual supervision is an important tool because it helps us maintain the integrity of our examinations and protect our students' ability to get high-quality education.

Secure browsers are designed to keep your online activity and data more secure. They use encryption techniques and other security features to help protect you from identity theft, fraud, and other attacks.

A non-secure testing browser doesn't use any type of security features. This means that anyone who knows your login information or has access to your computer can access your online activity and data. Non-secure browsers are generally used for browsing the web on public computers or networks where security is not a priority.

A virtual supervision tool during exams can help keep students safe and ensure that exams are conducted in a fair and orderly manner.

This technology monitors the online behavior of students, and sends notifications to proctors if any irregularities are detected.

Yes, a secure web browser is needed for exams. It is recommended to install the
best secure browser for exams in order to ensure a secure exam environment.

Secure online exam proctoring offers a secure way to administer exams, reduces cheating, and keeps information confidential.
Several online proctoring companies use a variety of methods to ensure that exams are conducted securely.
Some common methods include using a secure exam proctor plugin, verifying identity, checking for unauthorized materials, and maintaining logs of activity.

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