SUMADI Compliance policy

SUMADI Global BV provides proctoring software solutions and services to organizations across different sectors. Our products enable administration of online proctoring of assessments for enterprises and educational institutions. SUMADI strive to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of user data end to end. The service supports integration with other third-party external systems. The process documented relates to our service and our practices – external systems may follow their own processes. We present users and customers with clear consent mechanisms when the data in the platform is available to third-party integration. Organizations and institutions using our products are responsible for the data that they collect from users such as students, guardians of students, test administrators, or any other end user for the data collected on their behalf.

We periodically experience external and internal audits and reviews of our policies, controls, and services, including data confidentiality, integrity, and compliance with regulatory frameworks. Our products are in process of being compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Security Director’s office is responsible for GDPR compliance for our services. Our legal counsel reviews the platform privacy policy, terms and conditions, consent, and opt-in clauses to ensure compliance.

The following links contain more information about the service Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.